Pre-Interview Preparation

To make good first impression for your interview depends on your pre-interview preparation. Here is a list of preparation guides on how to ace your interview:

Research about company and the job
Knowledge is one of the key drivers to successful interview. Knowing the job description, job specification, career opportunities, business coverage, key customers and competitors will help you to gain advantages during interview. Sources of information can be from the internet, press releases, newspapers and company annual report and etc. Equip yourself with the knowledge will prepare you emotionally and to help you feel confident in selling yourself while sharing your thoughts during the interview.

Presentation of Portfolio and Etiquette
Presentation of portfolio is the other key driver to successful interview. Presentable and professional file, preferably black should be used for interview. Most relevant and latest certificates should be placed in the front with the educational certificates, testimonials as the priority and followed by achievement certificates. Extra resumes and references should be brought along to the interview. Etiquette is another visible judgment by the interviewers. Do not underestimate the importance of first impressions. Facial hair should be well-groomed, brush your teeth and keep your breathe fresh and do not smoke before the interview commences. Attire should be wrinkle free and well-fitting. Men should go for two piece matched suit with a good quality looking tie. Colors play an important role so try to go for white or conservative stripes shirt, dark colored socks and leather shoes. Belt should also match with the color of the shoes. Women should go for two piece matched suit in conservative solid color or very subtle weave pattern or plaid. Skirt lengths should cover thighs when seated and should end at the knees when standing. For the choice of pants, it should not be too tight. Avoid heavy makeup and strong perfume. With these preparations, you will be able to provide good first impression on your interview.