Interview Tips

Always prepare to arrive ten minutes early before the start of interview. Keep the interviewers’ names in mind and make sure you greet them by title and last name when you reach out for a firm handshake. Sit only when you invited to and sit upright and do not fidget or slouch. Remember to look confident and interested at all times. Avoid cracking knuckles and playing with hair and maintain good eye contact with interviewers. Avoid poor language, slang or pause words through constant self reminder on not to speak too fast. Avoid “Yes” or “No” answers and try to elaborate with the preparation you have done.

Sell Yourself
Firms conduct rounds of interviews to understand candidate’s knowledge and ability better. It is the best chance for you to sell yourself. Emphasize what and how you can add value to the firm as interviewers do not know your strengths and they cannot read your mind. Use your past achievements or experiences at work or school to support your statement but avoid going off topic. Stay focused and always project positive attitude during interview.

Control Your Emotion
It is natural to feel frighten or nervous during interview. To reduce such tension, always remember to prepare yourself not just with information but also emotionally. Arrive early at the firm’s location to calm yourself and relax your mind before heading for the interview. Do not get too affected if you fail to impress your interviewers in the early stage. Keep the right emotion and relax yourself so that you can think better as you gain your confidence.

Ask Good Questions
Interview is not just about answering questions. Asking good question will help you gain advantage over others as you show interest in the firm that you are applying for. Questions can be those that were not brought out by interviewers and will be important to yourself or the firm. Prepare backup questions to avoid asking irrelevant question which may ruin your whole interview.