Top 7 ways to make your co-workers love you!

Even if you haven’t just started your job and just want to feel included in the office, it’s a tricky business making the correct impression. So how do you make your co-workers love you? Follow these simple steps – oh and try not to cause any arguments!

Learn the tea orders of your workmates
Although this might seem simple and of no importance whatsoever, learning how your co-workers take their tea is a great way to get involved in the office environment. Ok, so let’s be reasonable, if your office is the size of a football pitch you could possibly side step the tea round, however in smaller offices it is the polite and socially correct thing to do. Not only does this look like you actually take notice of people but it is an easy ice breaker, it’s as simple as that.

Smile in the workplace
No one wants to acquire the nickname thunder face, and smiling is the most obvious signal that you are enjoying your work and the people around you. Smiling can convey a happy emotion; emotions are free and are easy to use. If you never smile the chances are your colleagues probably think that you don’t have a sense of humour, so smile away.

Listen to your work colleagues
If you don’t listen to anyone not only will you feel cut off from the work environment but eventually everyone will stop talking to you. If it’s someone’s birthday soon or they are going shopping at the weekend, just make a note of it. However small the task, go out of your way to ask how it went or simply ask did they have a nice time; people value the smaller things in life and this is one of them.

Don’t be a workplace hermit
If you are invited out by your co-workers always make an effort and go out with them. No one wants to be labelled the boring one, even if you only stay out for a short time you will always be appreciated for making the effort in the first place. If you are having a party and you don’t invite anyone from work but then upload pictures onto a social networking site, it may come across as though you dislike everyone, so put yourself out there and ask them. If everyone says no you know who not to invite next time!

Stick to your personality
Don’t try and be someone else; the chances are your alter ego will be eventually overridden by your true one anyway and you’re more likely to be labelled with split personality disorder if anything. Being fake is not a good look and most people can see right through this, however if you are loud and obnoxious this is hard to cover up, but worth a try.

Don’t be the office flirt
You don’t want to be known as the one who chats to all the boys/girls; save this at least for the Christmas night out. You can’t make another first impression so tone it down and adopt the mantra work is for working. If you’re so desperate to talk to the opposite sex, meet up after work, but inside those walls is for office talk and office talk alone!

Keep strong opinions to yourself
You don’t qualify for gossiping or heated arguments just yet so keep quiet. It is important to voice your opinion if the situation directly applies to you but being the gabby one already is not what we’re aiming for. It is crucial you stand up for yourself but don’t get involved in unnecessary cat fights over trivial things. Just breathe and let it go; being cool and collected under the office stress and pressures is the strategy you need be able to adhere to.